maximumunitywitcody-max 600000000000 exp with cody 

iliketodigoutcoinsfromthesofa - gives $1000 

mypowahlvlisover9000 - $1000, 2000 hp, 55 exp and 100 of every -1000 exp with Emerson 

chadisastupidname - 1000 exp with Cody 

cuddlyemo - 1000 exp with Zane 

dontlethimtieanoose - 1000 exp with Devin 

nomorefangasm - 1000 exp with Emerson

thisgameblows - 1000 exp with every one 

woooooosh - brings you to the day of the concert. 

spidermanisnothishero - automatically finishes path with Ace

nomorefangasm - automatically finishes path with Emerson

dontlethimtiethenoose - automatically finishes with Devin

You enter these cheats into the telephone booth located in Downtown Ally

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